Privacy Policy

SocialCompare intends to create a relationship based on trust with internet users providing personal data via the site (hereafter referred to as the “Website”).
IP Addresses
SocialCompare wishes to inform you that your IP address is memorized by web traffic statistical and analytical tools. If you fail to observe SocialCompare’s general terms of use, this may be used to block your access to the SocialCompare platform. If SPAMS are sent, it may be used to block this type of transmission.
SocialCompare wishes to inform you that it uses cookie technology. Cookies are not used to identify the Website user. They simply record the information relating to your browsing on the Web Site and store the information that you have acquired during your visit.
Cookies store the following data:
  • preferences (display customization),
In this way, for your next visit, you will not need to enter your details again. We will be able to read the information recorded during your future visits. Cookies are used to enable you to log back on automatically and to remember your user preferences.
The period of time that this information is kept in your computer is
  • 1 year for your preferences,
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.